New Patient Forms

Health History:

As a new patient to the Upper Valley Natural Health Center, you will receive several documents when your first appointment is scheduled. We ask that you carefully review our Welcome Letter, which explains our policies, and that you completely fill out the age-appropriate registration and health history form  (approximately 30 minutes.) Please bring to your first appointment your completed health history form, your health insurance card, and a bag with all of your prescription, over-the counter, and natural medicines.

Medical Records Release and Privacy Policy:

In addition, if you wish to have specific medical records forwarded to Dr. Chollet before your appointment, you may complete our Medical Records Release form and give it to the appropriate physician, practice, or hospital. Please note, Dr. Chollet rarely needs your complete records. She prefers to review most recent labs and any imaging reports that pertains to your complaint, such as an upper endoscopy report.