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Due to Dr. Becky's genetic immunodeficiency, we currently offer in-person visits for fully vaccinated and boosted patients when COVID-19 transmission rates are moderate or below in our region. All other visits are conducted by telemedicine video or phone.

New Patient Forms

As a new patient to the Upper Valley Natural Health Center, you will need to complete several forms for your first appointment. We ask that you completely fill out the age-appropriate New Patient Form  (approximately 30 minutes), as well as read and sign the Fees Form and Telemedicine Consent Form.

  • For telemedicine visits: please return the 3 completed forms to us, along with a copy or photo of your health insurance card and vaccine card, if applicable.

  • For in-office visits: please bring your 3 completed forms, your health insurance card, your vaccine card, and a bag with all of your prescription, over-the counter, and natural medicines.

Important Practice Information and Policies

We also ask that you carefully review our Welcome Letter and COVID-19 Office Policies and Privacy Policy prior to your first visit. These explain in detail how our practice operates to provide you the best possible care and service.

Sending Medical Records

If you wish to have specific results forwarded to Dr. Chollet before your appointment, you may complete our Medical Records Release Form and give it to the appropriate physician, practice, or hospital. Please do not send your entire medical records. Typically she prefers to review most recent labs and any imaging reports that pertain to your complaint, such as an upper endoscopy report. NOTE: Dr. Chollet has provider access to electronic medical records at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Alice Peck Day Hospital.

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